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 本文摘要:Chinas space authorities have announced plans to launch over 40 different spacecrafts into orbit in 20 separatelaunches this year.中国航天机构称之为今年将展开20次的航天升空,将40多个有所不同的航天器送到轨道。

Chinas space authorities have announced plans to launch over 40 different spacecrafts into orbit in 20 separatelaunches this year.中国航天机构称之为今年将展开20次的航天升空,将40多个有所不同的航天器送到轨道。One of the vessels to be launched is theground-breaking Yuanzheng 1 - also known as the space bus - which can launch10 different satellites at once.其中最引人注目的要数远征1号了,也称为太空巴士,一次可以升空10个有所不同的卫星。

2013 was a massive year for China whosescientists launched 16 spacecraft to firmly establish their cosmic credentials.2013年,中国顺利的升空了16枚航天器。In October 2003, it became only the thirdcountry in history to independently launch a manned mission int o space on the Shenzhou 5.2003年10月,中国顺利已完成了神舟5号的载人计划,沦为了第三个享有这种能力的国家。A spokesman for the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said thevessels going up this yt r will mostly be communication satellites orbitingat around 36,000ft.中国发言人称之为今年送到轨道的主要是通信卫星,将在36000英尺的轨道上飞行中。



Director of its Space Department ZhaoXiaojin added: There will also be some remote sensing satellites s ent up toobserve the earth as well as navigation satellites.中国空间部门的主任赵晓金说道:“还不会发送到一些借以观测地球的远程遥测卫星以及导航系统卫星。”Chinese space authorities also said anumber of cutting edge* technologies will be tested for the first time.including the highly anticipated space bus.中国空间当局说道一些“前沿”的技术也不会首次展开测试,还包括十分不受人们期望的“空间巴士”。The Yuanzheng 1 is Chinas largest everrocket with a diameter of 5.2 meters. It needs to be assembled at the launchsite because trains carrying it would not be able to pass through tunnels.远征1号是中国仅次于的火箭,直径5.2米。

必需在升空现场展开装配,因为火车装载这种火箭的话,是无法通过隧道的。Its engine can restart over 20 times when flying in orbit and it is thought tobe 75 per cent more efficient than spacecraft of the same size.在轨道中飞行中时其引擎可以重新启动20多次,而且据传比某种程度大小的航天器要高效75%。It also has the capability to move old,scrapped satellites out of useful orbit and into so-called cemetery orbits toprevent them from hindering other space-faring vehicles.它还不具备将老旧的荒废的卫星从简单的轨道送往所谓的“墓地轨道”中去,以避免它们妨碍其他的航天运输工具。

Meanwhile, the Chinese government hasalready begun opening up its its lunar exploration program to private investment.与此同时,中国政府早已向私人投资对外开放月球探寻项目。



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