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大学生巧用智慧 贝壳变肥料:leyu乐鱼体育

时间:2022-11-01 00:38:04

 本文摘要:Turning trash into treasure is a good idea. The problem is that its hard to do. But a group of students recently succeeded.变废为宝是个好主意,可问题是容易操作者。

Turning trash into treasure is a good idea. The problem is that its hard to do. But a group of students recently succeeded.变废为宝是个好主意,可问题是容易操作者。而就在近日,一支学生小组却顺利了。They recycled oyster shells in a remote coastal village into a million-yuan business and won an international organizations top award.他们从一个偏僻的沿海村庄重复使用海蛎壳,然后将其变为一项百万元的做生意,并取得了由国际团体授予的最低奖项。

In the summer of 2010, Han Cong, a senior majoring in marine chemistry and economics at Xiamen University, went to Dawu village in Fujian province. Smelly oyster shells piled up alongside the roads bothered him.2010年夏天,正在厦门大学修读海洋化学和经济学双学位的大四学生韩聪(音译)去了趟福建省的大梧村。路边冲刷的海蛎壳气味难闻,令其韩聪苦恼深感。They smelled really bad and millions of flies were buzzing around, which was a hazard, said Han.他说道:海蛎壳尤其粪,还有无数苍蝇飞来飞去,危害环境和身体健康。The 22-year-old wanted to do something about it. He did some research and found out that millions of tons of oyster shells are disposed of unprocessed in the coastal regions of the country.当时22岁的韩聪想起自己必需做到些什么。

通过调查,他找到有数百万吨予以加工处置的海蛎壳冲刷在国内沿海地区。In many villages, they presented a major health issue.在很多村子里,这些海蛎壳都引发了相当严重的身体健康问题。Han read an article about how oyster shells are made into fertilizer and construction materials in Japan and Taiwan.韩聪曾写一篇关于台湾、日本如何将海蛎壳转化成为肥料和建筑材料的文章。


Han encouraged fellow students to contact several Taiwan factories.他希望一些同学去联系几家台湾工厂。Han suspected that it could be a trash to treasure fairytale.韩聪实在这可能会沦为一个变废为宝的神话。

His instinct was right.他的直觉是准确的。The replies from companies were positive and an oyster shell processing factory has been operating for more than a year.那些公司给与了认同的回应,其中一家海蛎壳加工厂已运营一年多时间。

Fertilizer from shells is sold to northeastern China to improve the soil quality.由贝壳制成的肥料销往东北地区用来提高土质。And the average income of villagers has increased steadily as the factory develops.随着工厂的发展,村民的平均收入也获得逐步提高。Their idea was praised by Amy Wang, one of the judges from Johnson Johnson China Ltd in the 2012 SIFE China National Competition held in Beijing last week.在上周举办的2012年赛事挟世界杯中国车站创意公益大赛全国赛中,来自杜邦(中国)有限公司的评委Amy Wang对这个点子称赞深得。

Those students utilized limited resources in a sustainable business model, she said. Their creative idea has achieved long-term philanthropic goals. Their scheme is uniquely different from many other philanthropic projects featuring only donations, said Wang。这些学生通过可持续发展的商业模式来利用受限的资源, 她说道:他们的创新早已构建了长年的慈善目标。与那些以捐献为单一形式的慈善项目比起,他们的方案变得更加与众不同。



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